The Jellyfish of Monterey Bay and Beyond.

The Sea Otters are thrilled to welcome back one of our most popular speakers, Dr Kevin Raskoff, for the June meeting. He is currently the chair of the biology department at Monterey Peninsula College where he has been sharing his enthusiasm for marine biology in the classroom for 12 years.

His research has focused broadly on jellyfish and other gelatinous zooplankton from the tropics to the poles, with a special focus on midwater ecology. Over the years he has been on numerous scientific expeditions and has been a scientist on over 160 deep-sea ROV dives.  He has traveled the far corners of the world and explored in the deepest depths of our planet's oceans.  Raskoff has worked on projects in the Arctic Sea, Monterey Bay, Hawaii, the Atlantic, Italy, and Japan.  

He has previously spoken to the club about his research expedition experience in the Arctic Circle, the life cycle of jellyfish, ocean acidification, and newly discovered cold-water invertebrates. This month, Kevin will be speaking on local jellies and some neat stories about some cool deep-sea species as well. 

Join us at 6:30 at the Crazy Horse Restaurant at the Bay Park Hotel on Munras in Monterey. Better yet, come at 6:00 and enjoy dinner with us. Crazy Horse has a great salad bar, or order off the menu!

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